🧰 Product Toolkit

"What a great app! The team that launched it must have used an exceptional roadmap template."

- No one ever.

Product Managers who want to improve their craft are faced with an overwhelming amount of advice, tools, templates, frameworks, models, best practices — enough to drive you crazy.

Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe to great product leadership.

My approach is to simplify and focus on fundamentals that will help deliver exceptional value for the customer. I've done all the hard work for you by maintaining a series of toolkits with only essential resources to manage just about any portfolio of products.

Stop digging around for that perfect template so you can focus more on listening and leading.

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These toolkits are living documents with resources from top tier product professionals, offering a high standard for efficient product delivery. Each section is linked to a Coda Table where you can filter columns based on your needs and quickly shortlist options.

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Every Product Manager's dream. My goal is to take the guesswork out of key concepts and tools that are essential to just about every PM role. I keep an eye out for relevant best practices and identify only what you need to deliver value.

Product Operations
& Systems

Product Operations enables teams to effectively adapt, engage, and deliver through varying levels of complexity. Whether you are building a foundation at an early stage venture or responding to a scaling enterprise, this toolkit offers guidance for nearly every situation.


Product Managers are much more likely to focus on business metrics than engage ethics and unintended consequences. This toolkit empowers product teams to understand broader implications and ultimately serve customers with sustaining value and integrity.