What is byproduct management?

In our data-driven culture we often overlook the unintended consequences — or opportunities — of what we build.

Beyond growth and revenue targets, we know that when innovation is designed to serve our lives, we deliver products that delight and create lasting value. So how do you take a more integrated approach?

By Product Management, of course 😏. In other words, you apply the same discipline of product strategy and delivery to broader systems and behaviors in teams.

My Approach

  • Bring clarity and easy access to top-tier product management practices
  • Guide leadership through systems thinking, psychological safety, and ethics
  • Emphasize craft to empower individuals and align teams

I have simplified the Product Operations model for product leaders by empowering them to navigate ambiguity and complexity effectively. The result is a product ethic that delights and delivers on the promise.

I'm Bilaal, a product strategist, systems thinker, question asker, and writer who is based in New Jersey.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci